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Pour une Europe sans nucléaire (How we can make the EU nuclear free)

The European Commission wants to revive the nuclear industry. It is currently preparing state aid for the construction of new nuclear power plants »“ funding that, to date, has been exclusively targeted at protecting the environment by investing in renewable energies. The new state aid rules would enable EU member states to grant subsidies to all energy forms designated as low carbon. To award nuclear power preferential treatment enjoyed by wind, solar and other renewables on the basis of its allegedly low-carbon status is outrageous.

The nuclear industry is fighting for survival. Without these subsidies the currently planned nuclear power plants are not economically viable, their huge construction costs deterring investors. So tax payers are to be forced to step in and pay for nuclear power plants including Hinkley Point C in the UK and Temelin 3 and 4 in the Czech Republic.

SIGN THE PETITION NOW and tell the EU Commissioners that you refuse to fund the next Fukushima.